Multibasket – No one wins (Teshima, Japan)

Nos llega por las redes este proyecto relacionado con basket, que pensamos está muy en la onda NUpassión.


Un proyecto de Jasmina Llobet y Luis Fernández Pons.

Más info de ellos y del proyecto en :

Join the project with GOTEO crowdfunding

Passion, another way to play sports is possible  is to gather, organize, edit and share documents about sport and creativity.

Sport, within their rules, hides many possibilities that are rejected. Our project aims to discover, document and share it. We demand an inclusive sport, able to offer more and better variety. A sport beyond competition and gladiator sports figures and for enhancing the creative abilities of each one and the collective..

Although our experience has been with basketball, we want to document these “other forms of play” in any other sport. We want to offer a vision that enhances the creative aspects of sports.

We will produce an audiovisual documentary and several publications with free licenses.

We launched the project in GOTEO, a social network of collective funding (monetary contributions) and distributed collaboration (services, infrastructure and other resources microtareas).

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soccer tricks

Image from Patrick O’SullivanThings could be better, things could be worse.

is a perfect score draw

Espinete Poster


Art & sport documentation

Harmen de Hoop works

Art & Basketball documentation

by Hisae-Ikenaga

Basketball « SwarDrawS | DrawSwarD Photography

Basketball « SwarDrawS | DrawSwarD Photography

Some images by Aleksandar Jestrovic

More documentation about art & basketball
Another pieze of Aleksandar Jestrovic
Muzej Premoderne umetnosti, Spodnji Hotič, Slovenija 2010

visit his site