This is a compilation of moves created by the NU PASSIÓN team, some of them are based on the plays of the original Passión of 1977.

A: Attack D: defense

A. Four players are placed in diamond, and the base stays inside with the ball. Figure advances led by the base.

A / D. Any player who is in a circular line calls the ball, to receive and then spear with Discus Thrower technique.

A / D. Accompany with courtesy the path of the player who goes to the basket. The “sliding courtships” may accompany the counter-attacks very wells.

A. At the signal all the players in a circle will mark an opponent, all the same. The one who bears the ball is located behind and throws to the basket.

D. At the signal all players aggressively cover an attacker, preferably one that does not carry the ball.

A. In a counter-attack or in a position of clear advantage a player renounces to continue the play and throw to the basket.
Then the player gets the consolation of the rest of the team

/ D. At the signal all the players pose in front of the stands to take a snapshot.

A. A player enters in the area and is pulled to the ground rolling over himself, this causes a strange situation that is exploited by the player with the ball to enter the area.

croquette brutal: when some players do it..

A. All offensive players stand on a line, except the one who has the ball. This one gives the ball to the player who stay the first in the line and placed at the opposite end. The one who has received the ball gives it to the next one and runs to be at the opposite end, so on until they go out brilliantly by the side, or even shooting to the basket..

The players are arranged in line one after the other with their legs spread, the one who receives the ball passes it back under the legs and runs to the opposite extreme, and so on.

A / D. At the signal a player breaks away for a pass and shooting heads in the nearest football goal.

A. At the signal of the base, players go into a corner and close it protecting the player who takes the ball inside, this one may exhaust time reciting or throwing to basket with free technique.

D. Play that involves a dynamic big bang when all defense players they run away in all directions. The theoretical basis of this defense is the confusion that occurs at the attackers.


It can be good any moment for disappear and break away the game.

A/D. Interact with any close basket off court.

A. A. Base advances, moves in front of the others. At the signal, he turns and the other players have to be quiet, so repeatetly as in the “English hide“ game..

We meet on the bench of the other to discuss the moves.

A. Tribute to Michael Jackson. Players move with their backs in front making the known dance move Moonwalker. At the signal enicachuwoki, all kick and turn as a choreography.


A. At the signal of the base, players run into the artistic skate´s lines, doing loops. This move is a version of Mondrian move, which consists on players make squares theirselves. This move´s name comes from the known hollydays of Mondrian in Cambrils.


After the opposite team make a basket, four players are arranged in line with their legs spread. The fifth goes below bouncing the ball, when he goes out of tunnel he says “Conga!” and everybody go moving their legs up as a dance group.


A player bears the ball, and the others remain statics. The one with the ball goes to other player and he give it to him. Both form a train and go to other player. The turns are made at 90º.

A. Some players form a barrier to protect a shot or an individual move.

A. A player boxing is ahead of the base. Action lasts until a player from the other team is coming.

A. Three players take on melé move, receiving the ball, take it out in back, like in rugby, guard receives it and puts it for an other player smashes it in a “basque ball” way.

A. At the signal of the guard, players run along the color lines, leaving the court if need be.

A / D. There are many variations of the moves played statue or pause.
One would be: when a player is declared statue, others will throw the ball to his body, all trying to catch the rebound and throw on the statue.

A. It ´s to make an inverted basket or score getting the ball from the bottom up in the ring.

A. At the signal of the guard all players embrace the players of the other team in friendship.

A/D. A player puts his arms doing a basket form, another player tries to score on him.

A/D. To accompany escapes and counterattacks sliding along the court.


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