Sport, within their rules, hides many possibilities that are rejected. Our project aims to discover, document and share. We demand an inclusive sport, resilient, able to offer more and better variety. A sport beyond competition and gladiator figures and favouring the creative abilities of each one.

Passion is to gather, organize, edit and share documents about creativity and sport.

The project came to check out the story of a very special basketball team: Passion, a third-team regional federated in the 1977-78 season, he based his game to introduce art into the sport, a world so regulated and once so popular.

their components formed after a team of Watterpolo named Aquassión, but that’s another story …

Our way to update and document Passion 1977 was to create “Nu Passion“, a basketball team composed of artists, curators and people of Catalan culture.

With this team we review the plays of 1977, we train, we modified  and invent new ones.

Passion tournament was an event we did in 2009. The objective was to update the Passion approaches through a happening. The project was conducted in collaboration with the Civic Centre Sant Andreu and CB basketball club Sant Andreu. We organize a friendly tournament with CB Sant Andreu, which was refereed by J. Antonio Marti (referees of the CPF). 
 Nu Passión made ​​the moves tested, using all the gaps of the regulation and bringing new opportunities to play and competition. 

The event helped strengthen the network of Catalan culture and relate to the institutions of art and sport in the district of Sant Andreu. ‬
Later we led basketball to the gallery, setting up a “real” court to play, with documentation of the project.

All documentation is available on this website, in its various pages and posts. We recommend the plays, with videos in which you can see the effectiveness of the moves made in basketball.

This site also contains documentation about “art and sport” in several of its posts.

Currently we want the project to grow and spread, and grow the sport and its possibilities. We want to find and create infinite possibilities, not only in basketball but in any sport. We want to document and share with free licenses.

To do this we are conducting a crowdfunding campaign to fund with Goteo under the slogan: Passion, another way to play sports is possible
Through this funding we´ll get an audiovisual documentary to spread the ideas of the project, also we´ll publish the playbook and other digital files to be distributed freely online, as collective returns. Those who want to contribute money to the project will receive individual fun rewards.

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