In 1977, some young people, some of them ex-players in the R. Madrid and Estudiantes, formed a sportive club: PASSIÓN D.I. (sport of ideas). 
They entered into the Basketball Castellana Federation to partcipate in the 1977-1978 season at the 3rd regional category.

There ís only few documentation that was left about original Passión. 
The club came up with the idea of introducing art into the sport. 
As an ideological counterpoint the figure of the gladiator-professional-athlete who demands high modern competition.

From the intentions statement of the club we highlight:

– The primary purpose of the club is to promote the sport of ideas, proposing the development of imagination within the rules of a sport. 

– The ideal audience is composed of athletes looking for imaginative possibilities to practice sports. 
- Respect for the regulations, the federation, the other team, the referees and the public. 

– The competitive fact remains in the background. 

The appearance of PASSIÓN on the court created an enormous expectation and a good crowd. It caused the interest of the media, the doubt of rivals and fans in an ever more faithful, enthusiastic and participatory public. The club itself distributed leaflets with the ideology and intentions.

Some understanding was reached by some teams and referees, but the competition committee was to fine the club for unsportsmanlike.

Here are some of their tested plays:


In the 1978-1979 season, the assembly of players and members decided unanimously to leave basketball, sufficiently experienced, and to introduce aesthetic approaches renovators in another sport, in which they were two seasons with the name of Aquassión.

Fortunately, more documents have been saved from this period, among which include: some pictures – including official – which give you an idea of their clothes and some moves.

A sheet with instructions for diving

The Federation cards showing the various occupations of the players:

Schemes of attack and defense moves:

And some other mythical drawing:


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  1. where i can find more information of them?

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